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HERO Triathlon Rochester, Minnesota
Brad Mitchell - Triathlon Coach Minnesota
Founder of HERO Triathlon, Head Coach

My passion lies in triathlon and running, but what ignites my soul even more is coaching dedicated triathletes and runners. For over ten years, I’ve honed my coaching skills, guiding both female and male athletes to surpass their performance aspirations across all distances. My roster has varied—from triathlon newcomers to elite age-group contenders, and those chasing significant milestones like Ironman World Championship, Boston Marathon qualifications and decades-long personal records. I’ve also proudly coached expecting mothers and new moms.

Open communication is at the heart of my coaching philosophy. I excel in sculpting performance enhancements for the everyday athlete—those juggling hectic jobs, family life, and tight schedules. My approach demands improvement and results. Every training session I design is purposeful, uniquely tailored to an athlete’s goals, available training time, and evolving capacities.

Based in Rochester, Minnesota, Brad Mitchell is a seasoned Running & Triathlon Coach who extends his expertise globally. While he calls Rochester, Minnesota home, his training programs and coaching methodologies benefit athletes worldwide. Whether targeting a local race or an international competition, Brad’s tailored training is designed to meet your unique goals in running and triathlon. His comprehensive approach combines local insights with a global perspective, ensuring athletes everywhere can achieve peak performance under his guidance.

  • Privileged to represent New Zealand and the USA
  • USAT Age Group All American 7 times
  • Top 5% performances in competitive races in sprint, olympic, 70.3, and 140.6 events

Step into a tailored training experience with our 1:1 Triathlon and Running coaching programs. With Brad Mitchell’s expert guidance, unlock your potential and elevate your athletic performance.

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Our coaching philosophy is simple: Always listening. Always adapting. Always learning. Always improving. Because at HERO, it’s not about our journey as coaches; it’s about your journey as an athlete. Without you, there is no HERO.
We embrace the mantra: Get your plan. Do the work. Reap the rewards. Celebrate together. This isn’t about standing out, but about helping dedicated athletes like you thrive. Our genuine happiness arises from seeing you succeed, whether it’s a grand success or a small victory. We thrive for our athletes to be Happy. Joyful. Motivated. Injury-free. Successful.
Our relationship, mutual trust, and the impact we have on each other is invaluable. While we embrace standards and science, our core objective is to uncover what elevates you to your best. Your needs guide us to the unique formula that unlocks your potential.

Witness the transformative journeys of athletes who have trained with HERO Triathlon. Their stories are a testament to our dedication, expertise, and the power of our genuine 1:1 coaching.


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