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1:1 Running Coaching

HERO Triathlon Rochester, Minnesota
Online 1:1 Personalized Running Coaching

Reach new running heights and with HERO’s Online 1:1 Running Coaching program. Tailored for new to elite runners, our plans push boundaries, offer advanced race day strategies, and connect you to a global community of athletes. At HERO, we champion the ambitions of our athletes and focus on the long-term approach for continuous improvement and the opportunity to realize previously unimagined potential.


HERO Plans billed monthly. 30-day cancellation policy.

Discover the ease of professional running coaching wherever you are with our virtual personal training offerings. Each plan is skillfully presented online, as frequently as every week (based on selected plan), providing you with a tailor-made training regimen at your fingertips. Stay connected and supported through our dedicated communication pathways ensuring you’re always in touch with the guidance you require.

Our Running & Triathlon Coaching Promise


We help busy performance-focused triathletes and runners discover and achieve their greatest ambitions through perpetual training.

Genuine individualized training plans nurtured by authentic high-touch personal coaching that prioritizes quality of life first.

Brad has helped me reach my goals but always keeping in mind that it has to be fun and understanding me as an individual first. I have 1 and a half years with Coach Brad crushing my goals and with a lot more setting up for the future.

Carlos Arandi-Klee AguirreRunning Athlete

While training for my first Boston Marathon in 2022 I started to get a case of Achilles Tendonitis. Brad adjusted my training schedule as needed for recovery and with physical therapy and the training modifications, I was able to heal up and still run a successful race!

Zane FrickRunning Athlete
Included in Running Coaching Plans

Set off on a detailed and individualized path with our online 1:1 Running Coaching program, three plans to select from, thoughtfully crafted to address each element of your running regimen. This program includes:

Developing your ideal training regimen involves a precise, adaptive method tailored to your specific requirements. At HERO Triathlon, we are dedicated to making sure each training plan mirrors our commitment to your athletic progress. This is our approach to guiding your journey:

  • Weekly, monthly, or semi-annual online delivery of genuine individualized plans to increase race performance while honoring personal priorities and responsibilities.
  • Pathways to real-time plan adjustments to accommodate life’s unpredictability.
  • HERO Premium athletes experience Holographic (360°) Planning techniques for performance enhancement.
  • Proven training tailored for Skills Season, Pre-Season, and Race Season across all distances including unique endurance events.°
  • Athlete scheduled coaching consultations (based on selected plan)
  • Gait analysis
  • Training and racing shoe selection
  • There is definitely no one-size-fits all. We find your training -for- performance sweet spot based on zone testing.
  • Skills development, including pacing awareness, mental skills, racecourse tactics and nutrition planning.

Understanding where you start is crucial in sculpting the trajectory of your athletic journey. At HERO Triathlon, we delve deeply into several key areas to craft a triathlon coaching plan that resonates with your specific needs and goals. Here’s what we meticulously assess:

  • Basic Health History
  • Physical Activity Readiness
  • Athletic History
  • Current Fitness Level Assessment
  • Equipment Assessment
  • Performance and Racing Goals
  • Nutrition Assessment

Our Running training programs reflect our dedication to your development. Tailored to each athlete, we offer year-long personalized training schedules, easily accessible online. Recognizing the ever-changing nature of life, we adapt your training dynamically, keeping it in tune with your evolving needs.

We enhance your performance often working to surpass your past achievements. Whether it’s Skills-Season, Pre-Season, or Race Season, our methodical plans have consistently produced successful outcomes for various triathlon and running event lengths.

Your race day marks the peak of your dedication, and our running coaching ensures you’re fully prepared. We meticulously plan your annual race schedule and conduct in-depth research into age group competitions for key events, aiming to boost your local and national standings, race after race. For HERO Premium plan athletes our support covers gear selection, travel logistics, and race course reconnaissance, equipping you with comprehensive knowledge. As the event nears, we provide strategies and mental training tips, helping you master the Art of Running Races.

Running races are a testament to your consistent training and commitment. We demystify the race day experience, ensuring that your hard-earned training translates into tangible race day triumphs. With us, you can step up to the start line with confidence, ready to mirror the success of your best training sessions.

By joining HERO Triathlon, you’re welcomed into a worldwide network of athletes, all dedicated to personal achievement and collective encouragement. As part of our online running coaching, gain entry to exclusive community group channels, join in on race gatherings, enjoy regular group training sessions, and participate in post-workout social events for both local and visiting runners, among other benefits.

Joining HERO means joining a close-knit community. To show our gratitude, every new athlete under HERO coaching is gifted a Welcome SWAG package. Plus, you’ll have special access to buy premium HERO-branded racing and training gear, as well as partner discounts, making sure you’re equipped with the finest attire.

Start your journey in running training now with our Online 1:1 Running Coaching plans. Receive tailored training, professional advice, and the essential support to achieve your objectives.


Witness the transformative journeys of athletes who have trained with HERO Triathlon. Their stories are a testament to our dedication, expertise, and the power of our genuine 1:1 coaching.

In the section below, we address common questions about our online 1:1 Running Coaching Program and plans to give you a clear insight into its personalized approach. Discover how this program aligns with your individual running goals and lifestyle, offering a unique blend of tailored training and support.

1:1 Running Coaching offers a personalized approach to your training, focusing on your individual goals, strengths, and areas of improvement. Unlike group training, where a general plan is applied to everyone, or basic online plans that may not consider your unique needs, 1:1 coaching provides tailored advice and strategies specifically for you.


Every running training plan in 1:1 coaching is crafted to align with your personal goals—whether you’re aiming for a new personal best, tackling a new distance, or just looking to improve your overall fitness. The schedules also consider your current abilities, ensuring a balanced progression. TRUE personalized training. Your goals, abilities, availability, race schedule, geographic location, available equipment – just some of the important factors that we consider daily, when focusing on YOU.


Frequent interaction is fundamental to our individualized running coaching method. Our three plans allow each athlete to select the degree of athlete-driven communication desired.  All athletes have immediate access to their coach for urgent concerns. Your coach is dedicated to providing guidance, assistance, and making sure your training is progressing smoothly.


HERO Triathlon specializes in crafting personalized online training schedules provided to you as frequently as weekly (based on selected plan). With the HERO Premium Plan our coaching model offers the advantage of immediate plan modifications and unlimited interaction with your coach, guaranteeing that your training stays aligned with your goals, no matter your location.


Holographic Planning elevates the potential of a genuinely personalized, one-on-one coaching experience, and is only available to HERO Premium Plan athletes. This approach involves comprehending and integrating various perspectives simultaneously, and using this insight to craft optimal short, medium, and long-term plans tailored to each athlete’s distinct path. It allows athletes to concentrate on their weekly goals, reassured that a strategic plan for their future development is being meticulously crafted in the background.


Yes, we strongly recommend getting a physical checkup or screening before beginning our 1:1 Running Coaching Program, particularly if you are new to rigorous physical activity or if you have any existing health issues. A medical checkup ensures that you are ready to meet the physical demands of a structured running program. It also provides crucial information to your coach, enabling them to tailor a training plan that accommodates any specific health needs or limitations, ensuring your safety and wellbeing throughout the coaching process.


This program is crafted for those who aspire to reach new heights in their running endeavors, whether you’re aiming for a personal best or gearing up for major races. Our online coaching offers a unique blend of personalized training, ongoing support, and advanced techniques, all accessible from the comfort of your home or training environment. With a focus on individual goals and progress, our 1:1 Running Coaching Program is more than just a training plan; it’s a partnership dedicated to unlocking your full running potential and guiding you towards unprecedented success.

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Achieve your personal best with our dedicated online 1:1 Running and Triathlon Coaching training program. Our team is committed to crafting a strategy that fits your goals. Get ready to unleash your HERO within – Begin your transformative journey now.


HERO Plans billed monthly. 30-day cancellation policy.