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1:1 Triathlon Coaching

HERO Triathlon Rochester, Minnesota
Online 1:1 Personalized Triathlon Coaching

Unlock your inner hero with HERO’s Online 1:1 Triathlon Coaching program. Designed specifically for committed triathletes, our plans offer comprehensive onboarding assessments, meticulously crafted training regimens, and expert race day strategies. Join a community of athletes from all over the world, while experiencing a truly individual coaching experience. We believe in your goals and work hard to help you reach them.


HERO Plans billed monthly. 30-day cancellation policy.

Experience the convenience of expert triathlon coaching from any corner of the world with our online personal training services. Our plans are expertly delivered to you online as frequently as every week (based on selected plan), ensuring you have access to your customized training plan. With our dedicated communication pathways you’ll always feel the support and connection you need.

Our Running & Triathlon Coaching Promise


We help busy performance-focused triathletes and runners discover and achieve their greatest ambitions through perpetual training.

Genuine individualized training plans nurtured by authentic high-touch personal coaching that prioritizes quality of life first.

When I met Brad, I told him I wanted to be a better athlete, become more fit, and be in the best shape of my life. With Brad’s help and coaching in 2023, I swam over 120,000 yards, cycled over 1000 miles, completed one of my best marathons, and ran hundreds of miles.

Hassan TettehTriathlon Athlete

Over the last two years I have continued to get stronger and faster and was even able to realize my dream of qualifying for Kona. I could not have gotten to this place in my athlete journey without the help and guidance from Coach Brad.

Jenn WilsonTriathlon Athlete
Included in Triathlon Coaching Plans

Embark on a comprehensive journey with our online 1:1 Triathlon Coaching program, three plans to select from, meticulously designed to cater to every aspect of your triathlon and endurance training. These programs encompasses:

Crafting your perfect routine requires a methodical approach that adapts to your needs. At HERO Triathlon, our commitment is to ensure that every training schedule is a reflection of our dedication to your athletic evolution. Here’s how we shape your journey:

  • Weekly, monthly, or semi-annual online delivery of genuine individualized plans to increase race performance while honoring personal priorities and responsibilities.
  • Pathways to real-time training plan adjustments to accommodate life’s unpredictability.
  • Annual and ongoing zone testing (based on selected plan). No single metric can decide how we train. We consider, capture and analyze multiple sources of data and feedback to plan the next move. Heart rate, rate of perceived exertion, power, pace, training stress scores, fatigue, form, sweat tests, swim, bike and run observations and most importantly, feedback from you.
  • Athlete scheduled coaching consultations (based on selected plan).
  • HERO Premium athletes experience Holographic (360°) Planning techniques for performance enhancement.
  • Proven endurance training tailored for Skills Season, Pre-Season, and Race Season across all triathlon distances including unique endurance events.°

Understanding where you start is the foundation of your athletic journey. Here’s what we assess:

  • Basic Health History
  • Physical Activity Readiness
  • Athletic History
  • Current Fitness Level Assessment
  • Equipment Assessment
  • Performance and Racing Goals
  • Nutrition Assessment

Our triathlon training schedules are a testament to our commitment to your evolution. Each athlete receives individualized triathlon training plans year-round, conveniently delivered online at intervals based on your selected plan.  Our HERO Premium Plan is built for the unpredictability of life and with any eye toward high-performance, so we provide on-the-fly adjustments, ensuring your training remains aligned with any changing requirements.

We employ tactical planning to amplify your performance against previous benchmarks. And regardless of the season—be it Skills-Season, Pre-Season, or Race Season—we have structured training that has yielded proven results across all triathlon and running race distances as well as unique endurance events.

Race day is the culmination of your hard work, and we ensure that you are prepared. From annual race schedule planning to deep dives into age group competition research for key events, our aim is to advance your local and national rankings season after season. Our guidance extends to equipment, travel, and course recon, ensuring you’re well-equipped and informed.

And as the race day approaches, we offer strategies and mental preparations to help you master the Art of Racing. Team HERO provides on-site pre- and post-race support at select events.  Racing is a celebration of all the work you put in and consistent training leads to positive racing outcomes. We take the mystery out of race day – you can be confident that you will have race day success when you replicate your best triathlon training days.

When you join HERO Triathlon, you become part of a global community of athletes, each committed to personal excellence and mutual support. Get access to private community group channels, race meetups, periodic group training and post-workout socials for local and visiting athletes, and more.

Being a part of HERO is being part of a family. As a token of our appreciation, every new HERO coached athlete receives a Welcome SWAG package. Additionally, you get exclusive access to purchase top-tier HERO branded racing and training apparel as well as partner discounts ensuring you’re always geared up in the best.

Embark on your triathlon training journey today with one of our Online 1:1 Triathlon Coaching plans. Get personalized training, expert guidance, and the support you need to reach your goals.


Witness the transformative journeys of athletes who have trained with HERO Triathlon. Their stories are a testament to our dedication, expertise, and the power of our genuine 1:1 coaching.

Below, we address questions related to our online 1:1 Triathlon Coaching Program and plans. Learn about the specialized training, support, and expert guidance that our 1:1 Triathlon Coaching Program offers, ensuring a perfect fit for your journey in triathlon excellence.

For the performance-focused, committed triathlete, who is driven to discover what they are capable of, Absolutely. With HERO Triathlon, not only do you get expert guidance in training, but also in race planning, preparation, and continuous feedback. You will experience a genuine 1-to-1 relationship with your coach.  With the HERO Premium Plan you have unlimited communication. Joining our community also connects you with like-minded athletes, amplifying the overall experience.


When choosing HERO Triathlon, you can expect expertise, commitment, and personalization. Our coaches focus on understanding your athletic history, providing adaptable training schedules and working with you to refine your training mindset, planning and execution. We also prepare you extensively for race day. Our coaches must be USAT Coaching Certified, in good standing. This provides you peace of mind, with USAT requirements for background checks, ongoing education, and SafeSport certification.


Our meticulous training schedules, advanced planning techniques, and race-day strategies are crafted to enhance your performance, helping you achieve better race times and improve your personal records, local and national rankings. We base our success on YOUR success.


At HERO Triathlon, we plan individualized online training plans and deliver them to you as frequently as weekly (based on selected plan). With the HERO Premium plan you receive real-time plan adjustments and unlimited communication with your coach, ensuring you’re on track wherever you are.


Regular communication is a cornerstone of our 1:1 triathlon coaching approach. HERO Triathlon offers three plans with varying degrees of athlete-driven communication.  HERO Premium athletes have unlimited communication options and are encouraged to reach out any time, with any questions or concerns. Your coach is there to guide, support, and ensure you’re on track.  All athletes have immediate access to their coach for urgent concerns.


Holographic Planning maximizes the opportunities that are possible with a truly genuine, 1-to-1 coaching experience, and is only available to HERO Premium Plan athletes. It is the ability to understand and see multiple perspectives at once and translate that information into the best short, medium, and long term planning for the unique journey of every athlete. This enables the athlete to be able to focus on one week at a time, while knowing that in the background, a future framework is being developed.


Yes, we strongly recommend getting a physical checkup or screening before embarking on any triathlon training program, especially if you’re new to intense physical activities or have existing health concerns. This checkup will help ensure that you can safely handle the physical demands of triathlon training and will provide valuable information to your coach, allowing them to design a program that considers any health considerations or limitations you may have.


Our 1:1 Triathlon Coaching Program is designed for ambitious athletes ready to excel. It combines personalized training, ongoing support, and advanced multisport techniques, all accessible online for your convenience. This program is more than training; it’s a partnership focused on your unique goals, unlocking your full triathlon potential and guiding you to new levels of success.

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Achieve your personal best with our dedicated online 1:1 Running and Triathlon Coaching training program. Our team is committed to crafting a strategy that fits your goals. Get ready to unleash your HERO within – Begin your transformative journey now.


HERO Plans billed monthly. 30-day cancellation policy.